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About Me

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Welcome to my sewing corner.  From my youngest childhood and still today dogs have been my closest confidants and my dearest friends.  I trained dogs and competed in 4H as a child. As a young adult and still currently I compete in AKC events. My dogs remain my best friends and constant companions.

Several years ago I became aware of the need for well fitting, comfortable, washable panties and belly bands for dogs. I realized how necessary they were for dogs suffering from incontinence, for female dogs in season, for house training, and for male dogs who mark in the house. 

As someone who has sewn since my early teens, I set out to create a high quality, comfortable product to fill those needs. I have created panties and belly bands that will fit any size and shape of dog, including those with special needs. They are custom made for your dog from my many fabric choices, making them appealing to dogs and their parents alike.

Take a look around my site and please feel free to email me with any questions. Check out the photo gallery of the many adorable dogs wearing their Waggin' Wear!


Thank you for visiting my website,


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Feel free to contact me at:

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